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Tennis Pàdel Piper's

Services and school

Fitted for you

The professional team at Club Tennis & Padel Piper's make an every day effort to offer the best quality service.

Main services

Courts tennis rent and free shaded parking.

Players list: We find the perfect player that will meet your level.

We receive stages from different countries across Europe. (hotel, trip, court booking)

Summer camp includes tennis, padel and english. Each July, we organize a summer camp with kids between 4 and 15 years old, split up in different groups they can learn how to play tennis, padel as well as learn English.

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Our Pro Shop

To fulfill our customer needs, we have tennis and padel rackets, "HEAD" accessories, a brand in which is first in sales and innovation.

With our test rackets, experience and professional assistance, we are able to advise you depending on your game, the racket that will best match your playability level.

For perfect performance on each hit we have one of the best stringing machines in the market: the prestigious "Babolat Sensor" with maximum precision and reliability.

The t-shirt PRIVATA-TENNIS PADEL PIPERS you can find it at our club.

Our Tennis school

For all levels

Mini Tennis

We have always considerated Mini Tennis one of the main and essentials stages of the tennis developing of a future Champion. This sport requires both fitness activity and focus.

We will do the introduction to tennis through recreative exercises and games, perfecting the execution using more advanced techniques each time.

In our special artifical grass mini tennis court, the student will stay positioned on a surface limited to his possibilities.

Youth tennis school

To have fun times, find friends and share.

Adults tennis school

Adults will find more motivation when it comes to learning and will have team mates to play against.

Private lessons

The learning of tennis in general, correct specific mistakes, work the technique.